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The CD-XXL™ C&D Recycling System is a medium to high tonnage Construction & Demolition (C&D) recycling system designed for highly effective recovery of material. Systems include primary and secondary screening, metals separation, air classification, and primary and secondary pick lines. Each system can be custom designed to meet your recovery objectives. The CD-XXL™ System is engineered to process up to 450 yards per hour (344 m3 / hr.) or more.

The heart of the system begins with GK’s vibratory FINGER-SCREEN™ Primary Screen followed by a picking line, typically called the A-Line for the over material. Further processing of the unders is achieved on the B-Line with metals recovery, secondary screening, and GK’s DE-STONER® Air Classifier. Options for the C-Line and D-Line include optical sorting or further fines and lights processing. Contact GK’s Recycling specialists for more information.


  • FINGER-SCREEN™ Primary Screen for primary sorting of material.
  • Direct loading on to the screen.
  • Optional apron conveyor for elevating product to pick station.
  • Recovery of:
    • Wood. Used as fuel or converted to landscape mulch.
    • Concrete, bricks, rock and aggregate. Reused as construction fill or recycled into new concrete.
    • Dirt and fines. Accepted as landfill cover.
    • Metals, ferrous and nonferrous. Sold as valuable scrap.
    • Cardboard. One of the higher valued commodities.
    • Plastics. Depending on the markets.
    • Future commodities… System flexibility to allow for potential market shifts
  • Heavy-Duty pick belt and sorting bins.
  • Low feed system: Low feed system includes vibratory feeder and inclined belt to enable system loading with front end loader or skid steer.
  • Optional platform canopy: Protect your workers from weather and the elements.
  • Cross belt with magnet: For automated removal of metallics from waste stream.